Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Weeks 22, 23 & 24: Cribs, Clothes, and Diapers..Oh My!

Did you see it? Month 6 of this pregnancy just flew by! As of today I am 25 weeks pregnant; some would say I am entering the 7th month of pregnancy, others would say I am still in the end stages of the 6th month. I choose to believe that I am entering my 7th month, 1) because I want these babies here! And 2) I am having twins and measuring 7 weeks ahead of my actual time (based on a singleton pregnancy).
These past few weeks have boasted mostly the same symptoms as my last post stated, however the acid reflux seems to have kicked it up in gear, followed by shin splints and leg cramps, as well as an achy back. But all in all, I am feeling pretty great! During week 23 I travelled alone to be a team member with an amazing ministry that I work with. It was a long weekend in a camp/retreat setting that can be physically, emotionally and spiritually draining. However, God is so good to me, and although I didn’t get much sleep I left that retreat refreshed and filled up!
I drove back home on Sunday, and on Monday I went to my specialist to have an echocardiogram on the twins. The fetal cardiologist said that as of right now, everything looks normal and perfect! Great news! We also managed to get a great 3D picture of each baby.

 The next weekend my husband, mother, and I drove to my husband’s hometown where my mother-in-law was throwing us a baby shower! We stayed with my MIL for this trip and it was so nice to spend time with her and my husband’s grandmother, who also lives with her. The baby shower was beyond amazing! I have only been to one baby shower in my life so I did not have any expectations really; but we were both just blown away! My MIL really went all out for us; she booked us a beautiful room at a banquet hall, provided dinner and dessert for 40 people, decorated beautifully, baked cookies, and even bought us gifts on top of that. She really poured out her love upon us.
My MIL also invited people that we had never even met, and even those people showered us with extravagant gifts! Everyone at the shower went above and beyond to show us that we, and the twins, are loved. We are still flabbergasted by the generosity of people…God is good. One baby is expensive; two babies are scarily expensive. God definitely has been using people to bless us! Another thing that was so great about this weekend was that my Aunt, whom I have seen once in the past 10 years, drove 6 hours the day of the shower to see us, stayed for the shower, and then drove back home another 6 hours! I would never have expected anyone to do that for me. I am so thankful that I got to see her!
So we packed up what we could fit in the SUV and drove back home right after the baby shower. I was completely exhausted. No nap plus “being on” for 4 hours was a sleepy combination. However, I cannot sleep in a car, so alas, I did not sleep until much later that night. But it was all well worth it! The rest of the week was spent putting together 2 cribs and a changing table. The nursery is finally beginning to look like a nursery instead of a yellow room with stuff on the floor.
 We have been pretty excited here lately. All of this baby stuff makes the impending birth of our first children all so real! I spent the last few days washing baby clothes and trying to put away some of the gifts. My husband got so excited he decided to put together a pack-n-play! It has been soooo fun to watch this man put together baby furniture and gear. To think that earlier this year we were staring at a zero % chance of having a pregnancy….and now I am watching him venture into fatherhood….GOD IS SO GOOD! My husband has even started going around the house and planning for the twin’s future play areas! I told him it was cute, his response to me was, “I’m nesting!” How classic is that??!! I love him so much!
Yesterday I “turned” 25 weeks pregnant and attended a baby shower for a friend who is 10 weeks ahead of me. It was a lot of fun and I won 2 prizes (this is a big deal because I never win) and ate a lot of food! I realized last week that I know over 17 women who are pregnant! So much for being the only one…I do think that it will be fun to have so many moms with kids the same age as ours. Maybe arranged marriages are in the future? Haha, I am only joking!
Tomorrow I go to the specialist for them to do an ultrasound and check the twin’s growth! I am so darn excited to see how big they are!!! I just know they are 5 pounds each already (or so it feels). I love these ultrasounds. Sometimes it is hard to tell exactly where each baby is in my womb, so the ultrasounds help me to pinpoint their location; which is nice so I know what exactly is poking my bladder.
On Halloween I go in to see my regular OB and they will be giving me the glucose tolerance test. I am sure that will be loads of fun. Oh, and the day before Halloween we have our first birthing class! Things are just rolling right along around here! Oh and did I mention that a friend here at home is also throwing us a baby shower this weekend? God is a God of abundance….and He lets it flow freely upon us!