Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Beta #2

The results are in! My BHCG went from 424 on Monday to 1,614 Wednesday, today! Yippee! That is almost a quadruple increase. Multiples maybe? Leave your guesses in the comments below :) 

Katie said I would have my instructions for my 6 and 9 week ultrasound by friday, along with my due date :)

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Beta: Double or Nothing

Yesterday, Monday, I had my first Beta test. As always, there was drama associated with it. The place I had my appointment with, as it turns out, doesn’t do same day STAT lab work, which is required. So I had to scramble to find a new site, which included calling my insurance, yay. Once I got my blood drawn at our local hospital, I found out that they do the Quant HCG testing there (Beta) but have to send out for my progesterone levels to their sister hospital. Ugh…so of course I had to chase down results and found out that if the NEDC didn’t call to request my results, there was no telling when they would be sent.

So around 3:20 yesterday, I received the call from the NEDC confirming that I am pregnant! Officially! My HCG number is 424 and my progesterone is great at 38!! Yay! When Katie from the NEDC called, she knew I had cheated and POAS, and I admitted to 3 of them! But it was nice to have the blood work confirm it. I go tomorrow, Wednesday, for my second Beta to make sure my HCG numbers are doubling, which is indicative of a progressing pregnancy.

Last time, when I was pregnant with twins, my HCG at my first Beta was in the 600’s and now it’s in the 400’s. I have read that the size of your HCG number isn’t always an indicator of multiples, so we will have to wait until my 6week ultrasound for that news. I will post my results from tomorrow as soon as I can!
How am I feeling? Tired, irritable, and really nauseas.