Thursday, January 30, 2014

Gender Reveal

Drumroll please…………..
The doctor thinks that we are having a boy and a girl again! WOO HOO! 

Based on the location on the twins, right next to each other, it is hard to label them A and B. My cervix apparently rests right in the middle of them. Usually baby A is the one closest to the cervix, in this case, it is very hard to decide which one that is. But they decided that baby A is on my left, a GIRL! And baby b is on my right, a BOY! This is exactly as it was last pregnancy. Baby A was a girl and Baby b was a boy. 

Now anatomy at this early gestational age can be tricky; B could be a girl at a later ultrasound. But this doctor is pretty good at early guesses. 

In other great news, my second hemorrhage seems to have also disappeared! Praise the Lord! I have been cleared to lift my children. It is kind of hard to raise twins without lifting them! 

Now for the naming game. We are thinking of sticking with “E” names. We are finding it kind of hard to find boy “E” names we like. Please help us by suggesting some E names you like!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

11 1/2 Weeks! And an Update

11 Weeks and 5 days! Yippee! Saturday I will be 12 weeks pregnant, right on the cusp of the second trimester!  Yeah, I’m a little excited about that! 
So, update: I went to see my perinatologist a couple weeks ago. When they did their fancy ultrasound we found that the hemorrhage that was around Baby A was gone!!!! Prayers answered! And the hemorrhage around Baby B was still present, but it is small. The doctor said he wasn’t too concerned about it. He gave me much more detail about how these things can happen and what they are. Very nice to hear since no one has been able to tell us anything until him. Baby B still has less room in their embryonic sac, but they are only measuring 4 days (as of two weeks ago) smaller than Baby A. This is good; it means that they are basically concordant in their growth. But we will be monitoring B’s growth, definitely through the first trimester. 

We actually bought a home Doppler and around 11 weeks I was finally able to hear the horse stampede of baby heartbeats at home. This is so reassuring! Sometimes I check a couple times a day. That bleeding early on was so scary. I want to always be able to check and see that there are two heartbeats without having to go to the ER for an ultrasound. 

I go tomorrow (Friday) for a visit with a new, closer, OB and I hope all goes well. I am seeing their Nurse Practitioner and hopefully they do an ultrasound. The following Monday I go back to see the Peri for my anatomy scan and if they can see they will tell me genders!! 

Get your gender guesses in now. My guess is Baby B is a girl and Baby A is a boy…

Saturday, January 11, 2014

10 Weeks Pregnant and a Hemorrhage or Two

To update things, I am 10 weeks pregnant today! Yippee! That means I am only 2 weeks away from the 2nd trimester, or "out of the woods" as some would call it. Everything has been going pretty well, just as it did last time. I have extreme nausea, I pee constantly (6 times a night) I am exhausted. My back side hurts from progesterone shots. I am STARVING every 1.5 hours, which is new this time around. Oh, and I have extremely dry skin and my nails are ripping under the nail bed. Ouch. 

New this time: There is a new extended release nausea medication called Diclegis which works wonder. Oh, and bleeding. I had a gush of light colored bleeding on Thursday January 2nd. I was told to go to the ER, where they found that Baby A had a small hemorrhage. But no one there could tell me much about it. Neither did the new doctor on call at my OB's office. I continued to have light brown bleeding until Saturday morning, when I had bright fresh blood. I again went to the ER and they found another hemorrhage, this time around Baby B. 

Total freak out moments here. I never had bleeding before. Very scary. A girl I know had a hemorrhage, but it was very large, and she miscarried. No one could give me much information. Not what to expect, not our chances of survival, not what is normal. Nada. They also found that Baby B's gestational sac is much smaller than Baby A's. 

 So I called my perinatologist (high risk doctor) from my last pregnancy and they agreed to see me earlier than 12 weeks. But they couldn’t see me for over a week. 
I had that appointment yesterday. Glory to God both babies still had strong heartbeats and were moving around! The hemorrhage on Baby A has disappeared and the second one is very small. The doc wasn't worried about them. He also found that the twins are only 4 days apart in growth which isn’t too bad. He wants to monitor Baby B's growth. But in general things look pretty good. He says once we enter the 2nd trimester we won’t have to worry as much about Baby B.

So prayers please. Pray that the hemorrhage around Baby B gets absorbed safely into my body and that both babies continue to grow and develop as they should.