Monday, July 1, 2013

A 6 Month Update: The Mom of Twins Who Gets 8 Hours of Sleep at Night

Hello world! Sorry that I haven’t written much lately, okay, since April! Yikes! But I will continue to play the “twin card” and say that I have just been too busy. And honestly, I have. In addition to having the twins, I also still work part-time from home. So this means that once the babies are finally down for the night I log on to my computer and work for a few hours until I go to bed. Every once in a while it occurs to me that I should use that computer time to Blog, but then I remember that no one pays me to blog and twins are EXPENSIVE! So then I just work because that actually brings in some income. Rest assured that I have not forgotten about all of our readers out there and we appreciate every thought and prayer that ya’ll send our way.
It is now July first and the twins just turned 6 months old. Wow. Wait. Hold the phone. How can it be true that these living, breathing humans were in my body just 6 months ago? Every day these little angels astound me. I cannot believe that I get the honor of being their mother. I get to hold them and care for them every day. I get to watch the miracle of life develop and grow right before my eyes. They change every day. They grow every day. It is so amazing to watch their little personalities develop. Each baby is so different from each other. And it is amazing. God is so amazing; He has allowed me this window into His intricate design…sighs.
At 6 months old Elliana is 15lbs 13oz and 26inches long. She is so big! Her hair is a light auburn and her eyes are still a beautiful blue with gorgeous long eyelashes. She is such a beauty. She scrunches her little face up when she smiles and her little eyes get so squinty! She loves to babble and blow spit bubbles. She is teething and loves to chew her hands and her blue crinkly elephant. Her hands and feet are still so incredibly tiny and chubby; shoes do not fit her feet. She loves new sights and is very observant and mellow.
At 6 months old Elijah is 15lbs 15oz and is 26.5inches long. He is my little bruiser (quarterback in the future?) He has strawberry blond hair and big clear blue eyes. His eyelashes and eyebrows are also strawberry blond so he may stay very fair (like me.) He is very handsome, a lady killer for sure. His smile lights up his whole face, oh, and it is the most adorable crooked smile that steals your heart. He is beginning to babble and drool, quite the combination. He has big hands and long feet that are so soft and fun to hold. He agrees, seeing as how he gnaws his hands and just recently discovered his feet. Oh, and he is teething too. He can really chomp down on your finger! He too likes new sights and new sensations.
Both babies still love bath time and new people. They are such mild mannered and happy babies. They spend most of the day smiling and melting hearts! When the twins were 11.5 weeks old we began a sleep training program based on the book “12 Hours Sleep By 12 Weeks of Age” and it changed our life. I am happy to report that our babies sleep 12 hours at night and take 3 naps a day. Yes, I am the mother of twins who gets 8 hours of sleep at night and (usually) a daytime nap! No one can believe this, but it is true! The program works. I couldn’t have asked God for more perfect babies.
A few weeks ago we started solid foods. Eli is ready for them and does very well. He has loved everything I have given him. So far he has had sweet potatoes, carrots, peas, green beans, pears, peaches, prunes, squash, avocado, and banana. Elli on the other hand is not quite ready. Anything that you put in her mouth she pushes out. She doesn’t make a yuck face at any of the foods though, so that is good. Our pedi recommended letting her try the different textures even if she doesn’t eat them.
Life is good. I could have never imagined what life with twins would be like, but I couldn’t imagine it any different either. Some days are harder than others but every night when I sneak into their room to check on them I see that it is all so very worth it…